Updating my use of Web 2.0

This is a tool from my research that I wanted to share with other teachers and students. I think you will find it very interesting, and fun. A teenager developed it!

OBA_Web Tools Review_ #2
The second web 2.0 tool that interests me is Quizlet.com. My examination of Quizlet shows that it can really be an innovative way for students to do homework and not be distracted nearly as much. Of course, they will give attention to the phone (if parents allow that during homework time or a relative calling for them in the house). I found that when I was doing assignments, I did not want to stop until I had finished. This is a free application which allows you to create tests, flashcards, and lessons to help form worksheets, and guide lessons from any subject. (Quizlet) “The world learns on Quizlet. We make simple tools that let you study anything, for free”.
Quizlet allows you to sign in as a student or a teacher. Each of the pages is loaded with learning activities and tests. The process is that you sign-in, and create an account. It seems that teachers really love this program. The application gives you the opportunity to choose any course of study. Once that is done, you now have an array of activities to help the student learn the topic. Teachers are finding that more students are doing their homework now; no more, “dog ate my homework”. The list of learning tools and games listed below will give a tour of the study process:
• Flash Cards
• Speller
• Tests
• Learn Mode
• Scatter – learning game
• Race Space – learning game
The free program allows you a maximum of eight classes, only. The free application allows use of Flickr images, as well. Whereas, Quizlet Plus; allows you unlimited classes. Quizlet Plus is $15.00 per year, which allows usage of:
• Everything of free Quizlet, and unlimited classes.
• Upload your own images.
• No ads.
• Quizlet badge.

Andrew Sutherland, founder of Quizlet.com, a vocabulary learning tool that’s really fun and efficient. I started it for my French class in my sophomore year of high school, and I’ve been working on it ever since. It now has over 3 million registered users and a really smart team running it full time out of an office in San Francisco.

In May 2011 I left the Computer Science program at MIT to go full-time on Quizlet. My comp-sci interests are in voice recognition and large-scale systems. I am also passionate about education and tackling the enormous challenges we face in education in the U.S. and the world.


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